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Buffy Zone :: Dark Horse Comics

Buffy Zone :: Dark Horse Comics. HUGE Buffy fan here, folks. Like many, I came to the (TV) series long after the show was canceled. I worked at a bookstore through much of college and most of the coworkers swore by the show, often referencing characters and quotes in inside-joke type ways. Always open minded, I agreed to give the show a shot, especially after an admired professor assigned a paper using a Buffy theme. It took about three seasons, but almost instantly I was enthralled. The metaphors, the feminism, the witty dialogue – it was everything I wasn’t and wanted to be!

How cool is this?

I graduated and moved away before I could complete the series and in an age before Netflix I scavenged the Blockbusters and Hollywood Videos to rent the series, but it seemed the disc I needed was always due some other day. So I caved and spent serious cash collecting each season on DVD. I watched new episodes on lunch breaks and took vacation days for marathons. Addict, you say?

If the stake fits.

That was, what, 2005-ish? It’s nearly seven years later and I’m still geeking out. It’s a brilliant show, really. And Season 8, which creator Joss Whedon and other genius minds produced in comic-book form (TOTALLY fitting, btw) has it’s own shelf in my personal library. Season 9 gets released this fall.

Book Club Inspiration

Started the blog to coincide with the wonderful ideas presented and discussed during a recent round of book club awesomeness. This will be the 5,320th blog I’ve attempted.

Book Club started with “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Classic. Lots of great musings concerning race, justice, religion, and purposeful plot. Wonderful! Excited to move on to Simon Pegg‘s “Nerd Do Well.” I’ve got it on hold at Siouxland Libraries. If you haven’t already, I urge you to watch Pegg’s films, including “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “Star Trek.” Love love love his films, so I’m pumped to read his book.

To be continued…