Buffy Zone :: Dark Horse Comics

Buffy Zone :: Dark Horse Comics. HUGE Buffy fan here, folks. Like many, I came to the (TV) series long after the show was canceled. I worked at a bookstore through much of college and most of the coworkers swore by the show, often referencing characters and quotes in inside-joke type ways. Always open minded, I agreed to give the show a shot, especially after an admired professor assigned a paper using a Buffy theme. It took about three seasons, but almost instantly I was enthralled. The metaphors, the feminism, the witty dialogue – it was everything I wasn’t and wanted to be!

How cool is this?

I graduated and moved away before I could complete the series and in an age before Netflix I scavenged the Blockbusters and Hollywood Videos to rent the series, but it seemed the disc I needed was always due some other day. So I caved and spent serious cash collecting each season on DVD. I watched new episodes on lunch breaks and took vacation days for marathons. Addict, you say?

If the stake fits.

That was, what, 2005-ish? It’s nearly seven years later and I’m still geeking out. It’s a brilliant show, really. And Season 8, which creator Joss Whedon and other genius minds produced in comic-book form (TOTALLY fitting, btw) has it’s own shelf in my personal library. Season 9 gets released this fall.


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