HP7.2 initial thoughts…

It’s done. The series is over. It’s been spectacular. I’m currently working off about 5 hours of irregular sleep plus goblets full of coffee, so bear with me as I recall loved and loathed movie bits:


  • The McGonagall “protect the school” scene. To say I got the chills as teachers and Order members pulled out all the stops to defend the castle would be an understatement. Way to tickle that dragon, Hogwarts.
  • The Voldemort/Harry face merge whilst disapparating (freaky-deaky).
  • Harry’s discovery of the resurrection stone and his brief but emotional encounter with loved ones (yep, I cried; actually, I would have been sobbing if the whole theatre hadn’t been so quiet).
  • The shot of Lupin and Tonks dead with hands nearly touching (especially juxtaposed with the last shot of the couple alive as they were reaching toward each other pre-fight… waaaahhh!).
  • Hermoine + Ron = finally
  • EVERYTHING SNAPE!! especially his death (Nagini is badass)  and memory scenes (really, a nice wrap-up from 7+ movies of Good Snape vs Bad Snape iffyness).
  • The soundtrack: the LotR-type Celtic chanting was a nice, mature touch to some pretty heavy scenes.
  • Aborted evil soul.
  • The five or six girls who got up in front of the theatre about an hour before the movie started to dance a little ditty and sing a little song from one of the Harry Potter-themed bands. It was pretty awesome. I’m currently searching for a YouTube video to link here.
Snape does Harry a solid.


  • That friggin epilogue! I hated it in the book and thought it was super-campy in the film – poor Ginny’s “old”  hair! BOOOO!!!
  • Some of the f/x were terrible, especially the fiendfyre scene in the Room of Requirement when the hero trio are “flying” on brooms – those were SOOO 2001 effects… Although, maybe it looked better in 3D (?? – we saw 2D action).
  • Um – how did Voldemort die? (Yes, I know, the book explains nicely but the filmmakers put a lot of faith in the viewing audience to just ‘accept’ that he would die after losing the wand. A lackluster death for an evil-doer like Voldemort – wasn’t there a volcano or Death Star lying around somewhere?)
  • Did I mentioned the epilogue already?
  • No mention of Teddy outside of a small reference in the resurrection stone scene.
  • The Dumbledore death scene in the book rocked, but I wasn’t thrilled about it in the movie – I think Harry kept stepping on Dumbledore’s robes.
  • The ever-changing Hogwarts landscape (where was Voldemort hiding? A boat shed?)
  • 19 Years Later…
Sucky makeup for 30-something wizards. Brits don’t age well.

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