#winning Great Plains Emerging Tribal Writer Award

Pretty jazzed to announce the birth of my fictional writing career. The story I submitted to the Great Plains Emerging Tribal Writer Award was chosen as the winner. (If you’re interested, the story is HERE, buried within the previous post to this blog.) I’ll get $500 and read at the Great Plains Writers’ Conference March 24-26 (so you should plan to attend!). I may or may not get a free hotel room #thiscouldgetepic

I’m also getting a whole lot of self-respect. I’m not a vain person, but it’s one thing to blog for the benefit of, like, 10 consistent readers (hi Mom!), and quite another to be told, by a committee of academic reviewers and published writers that your stuff is legit. I’ll probably buy a lottery ticket to see if the luck holds up.

My eyebrows are way up. I must be super-pumped.
My eyebrows are way up. I must be super-pumped.

Of course, the cradle Catholic in me tends to think this is all a hoax, that my past sins are such that I deserve no recognition. I have this nagging suspicion I was chosen as the winner because I was the only submission. I mean, the deadline was extended and rules changed as the first deadline approached. A couple folks had to tell me “submit! submit!” before I actually considered doing so. And even then, I waited – like the true former newspaperman I am – until the absolute very last minute to turn in my piece. Via email, even though the rules requested mailed submissions. So there’s that…

But I’m going for ignorant bliss. It’s been a while since I’ve felt recognized for any supposed talents. I’m not vain, no, but I’m no humblebrag, either. I know I’ve got a lot to offer this world, dammit 😀 I enjoy writing, although I know it could use a lot of editing. I just need to be better at marketing myself. And that means using this opportunity for everything it’s worth.

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