A note from Mimi, on Father’s Day.

Another great year to be Mimi’s dad.

We visited Rhode Island beaches, got a new puppy, went dancing, spent quality time at Mimi’s favorite haunts (zoo, bookstore, and the bouncies), registered for Kindergarten, braided each other’s long hair… Essentially, Daddy and Mimi enjoyed being together – wherever, doing whatever.

When I asked Mimi what she wanted to do for her dad on Father’s Day (she brought up the subject about three months ago), she had a few ideas: We could take him to the trampoline park, color him a picture, make him a special movie, get him some cool hair ties, visit the circus, watch Wreck It Ralph, go to the park for a picnic… She was full of fun thoughts; what’s so magical about her relationship with her father is they do stuff like this – and more – on a daily basis, so it was easy for her to come up with things to do for him on Father’s Day.

As you can see below, we decided on a video. We also went to a local craft shop and created a special coffee mug (yellow, pink and full of butterflies – just as Dad likes it). The video was fun. In one take we got through some important “Daddy Facts,” and Mimi came up with an epic song on the spot. These projects – the mug and video – show how Mimi is loving, caring, hard-working, and creative.

Just like her dad.

3 thoughts on “A note from Mimi, on Father’s Day.

  1. This is so precious.would that all daughters could have the sentiments that Mimi has for her dad.and make a world filled with this kind of giggly laughter.thank you for sharing such a positive, light-filled You Tube.


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