Let’s Do This: Slam Poetry for Trayvon Martin

From PolicyMic.com
From PolicyMic.com

It’s dangerous to be
A P.O.C.

When skin color
Makes you ‘Other’

A baby dies
And we ask why

You’re attacked
If you’re Black

Thrown down
If you’re brown

No acquittals
For carrying Skittles

Multicolored riddles and joke’s on us
Ha! What Justice?

When racist sinners
Always the winners

Courtrooms of oppression
Living rooms with entertainment obsessions

Make us guilty on sight
For not being white

It’s too bright in here
Put a hoodie on dear

And the world will go dark
When Zimmerman’s shot hits its mark

Tonight, all hearts are bleeding
Those with hearts all needing

To see our loss, our rage
Be noticed, take a grand stage

For change, for hope
For movement, to cope

To heal, rise above
Hang haters with Love

Fight harder for the future
Our kids no longer butchered

So my daughter can walk at night
No worry, no fright

Because we’re strengthened, we’re heartened
By the sacrifice of Trayvon Martin

Couldn’t adequately put my feelings to words last night. As a mother, person of color, a former delinquent myself, and someone who works daily with juvenile offenders – many who do FAR worse than wear hoodies or flip off cameras – this whole thing scares the ish out of me. BUT, it also makes me want to work harder for justice reform. And as I was praying recently in memory of RieLee Lovell, all I keep thinking now is: Let’s keep our kids alive, folks. Let’s give them a world worth living in.

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