About My Wrackspurts

I am Mniconjou Lakota and an enrolled citizen of the Cheyenne River tribe in central South Dakota. It is dangerous to assume I speak for anyone but myself. My motivation in writing this blog is more for cathartic purposes than anything else (heck, scroll through my posts and you’ll see a very scattered brain – that’s the wrackspurts coming through loud and clear). I have stuff on my mind, and voices carry.

That said, you’ll mostly see stuff here related to Native and race issues. And my kid. Sometimes both at the same time.

I am a deeply passionate person – so passionate, I need to italicize. I love fiercely, especially my partner, daughter, and my Lakota foundations —> all three will be discussed often here. That’s the “Walker” part of my blog url. Family – all of ’em (even the ones I’d rather not admit a relation to) – make up the fibers of my being. Tiospaye.

Also – I love Harry Potter (hence “Wrackspurt“) and pop culture, in general. There was once a time I wanted to direct films and documentaries, and in my fantasies I’m a famous author of poetry and fiction. le sigh That could still be possible. We’ll see.

Things that take up too much brain space (the Walker Wrackspurts): Wakanyeja. Earl Grey tea. Lakota everything. Buffy. Juvenile justice reform. Mentoring. Joy Harjo. Sherman Alexie. Neil Gaiman. Sookie. Harry. Five dollar shakes. J.J. LOTR. #MMIW. Politics. Religion. Racism. Girl stuff. The Bard. Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit. Green Day. Coming up with catchy blog titles. Black Keys. Tech N9ne. Waffles. Your mom. Mascots. Mr. White. Cinema. Smart folks. Culture. Inclusion. Empathy. Open minds. Open hearts. Nail polish. Choice. Freedom. Fuzzy animals. Sleep.

Always looking for more! Come – enlighten me* and I shall strive to do the same for you.

PS (because people always ask): My blog title, “Righting Red,” is quite simply a play on my views as an Indigenous (red) activist (right) writer (sounds like righter). #CantStopThePuns


Love this image from the Good Men Project!

*COMMENT POLICY: I moderate all comments on this blog. It’s my blog and my space to process ideas in my head, and I will protect it. I blog on a public platform because I WANT to be challenged in a productive way. That said, I try to assume good intent from all commenters, anonymous or not, unless proven otherwise (I see you, Twitter stalkers). Although there will be times I break from this policy (#teachablemoments), in general, I  do NOT allow comments that

  • Attack without merit (for instance, “You’re stupid,” without giving reason why, will go right to the trash)
  • Apply –ists & –isms (racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of oppressive speech are not tolerated, unless that language is being clearly used to prove a legitimate point)
  • Are off-topic.

I owe no explanation for deleting comments. Read and contribute to the conversation and dialogue, or hold your peace.

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